Facial Serum/Mask


Pamper your face with extra moisturizing serum made from cold pressed unrefined organic ingredients.
Apply it mrning or night prior to your daily routine. You can keep it on or rinse your face. Either way, it will moisturize your face.

Reviews (2)


I have tried several of Flanasoap products and I'm in love with all of them. My skin has never been happier. Since I have started using these products, I have been getting regular comments on my face. I have heard, "your face is glowing" from more than one person. I am now changing my routine to be solely flana. I have used the face soap, retinal night cream, spf day cream, chapstick, and a few different soaps. I can't wait to try the shampoos and syrums.

I LOVE this serum, I have noticed a difference in my skin texture since I've started using it, it feels softer, plumper, fine lines diminished. I apply apply all over my face, with a little extra around the eyes and mouth and my neck. It absorbs. I apply morning and night. It's a really high quality serum!

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